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A look at a typical day for one elementary school principal in Texas and a high school principal in Maryland.
Jaclyn Borowski , June 20, 2022
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A curriculum designed to teach students the skills necessary for careers in the aviation industry connects the classroom to the real world.
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One class of 5th graders shows what's possible when teachers take their lessons outside.
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Students are headed back to school with the threat of the Delta variant looming. How is this playing out across the country? Take a look.
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Families & the Community Photos PHOTOS: Schools as COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics
A look at how and where school districts are using their facilities to host Covid-19 vaccination clinics.
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Teaching Profession Photos What Education Looked Like in 2020
A visual recap of K-12 education in 2020 across the United States.
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Parents, students and teachers from across the country are protesting the presence of police in schools.
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Student Well-Being Photos How Camps Are Approaching This Summer's Uncertainty
For kids attending summer camp, this year will look different as camps determine whether and how to reopen safely.
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Equity & Diversity Photos The Role of K-12 Students in Protests Against Racism and Police Brutality
As protests against police violence have continued, students have joined in speaking out against racial injustice.
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Student Well-Being Photos A School Play in a COVID World
The Taipei American School’s performance of The Little Mermaid went on, despite coronavirus restrictions.
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Graduation looks different this year. Here’s a look at how some schools across the United States have celebrated.
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Taylor Callery explains his process and how he came to the illustration that ultimately landed on our front page.
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Here’s a look at how countries around the world have addressed the challenges of opening schools during COVID-19.
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